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You’re in Good Hands

Hello. My name is Lina. I am an experienced and supervised hypnotherapist. My journey began several years ago when I felt helpless because of a health condition. Thankfully I managed to find a therapist who really changed my life and health. This sequence of events inspired me to study hypnotherapy because I had experienced for myself how powerful and life-changing it can be. I now offer customised sessions to every client to suit their particular needs. I am very passionate about what I do and make sure that every person I work with leaves my office (or a Zoom session) happy and with a smile. I can promise that it will be a pleasant and life-changing experience for you. Every client is a priority for me and I make sure that we achieve the best results together. Please contact me today to book a free 1 hour consultation.


I specialise in an American type of hypnosis called Pure Hypnoanalysis. This type of hypnosis is known for being highly effective and has a 93 percent success rate on average. It only takes clients between 6 to 12 sessions for a full treatment. I am able to bring you back to previous moments in your life where you felt happy and which you are likely to have forgotten about. I then find the roots of your problems which are causing you discomfort in the present.


• Addictions • Anxiety • Stress • Smoking • Drinking • Weight management and eating disorders • Pain management • Depression • IBS  • Sleep • Relationships •Teeth Grinding • Phobias • Fears • PTSD • Sport Performance

Rock Maze

"The subconscious is where all your bad habits and behaviors that you want to change reside.” Joe Dispenza



Hypnosis acts like a "bridge" between our concious and subconcious when our mind is the most relaxed and suggestible. It is the state of relaxation we experience at least twice a day: for a few minutes both before we wake up and when we are just about to fall asleep. There are many misconceptions about hypnosis abound. Hovewer, it is something we experience on daily basis. For example: we are constantly given suggestions by friends, family, television, newspapers. Advertising is a strong example of persuasion to do things like buying a particular product.


You will always be in control. You will never say anything you don't want to say unless you choose to do so.


It is a pleasant state of relaxation when you feel the most comfortable, relaxed and a bit sleepy.


Hypnosis creates changes on a deep level as it interferes directly with the subconscious mind which is responsible for our immediate reactions and how we feel. It is quite hard to reach this part of a brain though traditional types of therapies but luckily hypnosis is a great tool for it and therefore it takes much less time for the treatment.


The concious mind occupies only 5% percent of our brain. It is responsible for our short-term memory, logic, analysis, self-awareness and decisions. It is a part of mind that is in 'charge'. Hovewer, most of our desires and immediate reactions are being created in the subconscious mind which is approximately 95 % of our mind. Our imagination, dreams, creativity, memories, fears, habits and automatic nervous system are being operated by this part of the brain. It acts according to the pleasure principle in which it seeks to avoid pain and obtains pleasure and survival, regarding of external considerations. It is quite hard to reach this part of the brain when someone is being in the 'usual' state of consciousness. In order to create positive changes, the process of hypnosis bypasses the conscious mind, and works with the subconscious mind directly. That is why this type of the therapy is so highly effective. 


I am currently offering a hypnotherapy programme of 6 sessions for the price of £600. 

* I don't offer single sessions.

Sea Shore



"I just finished a block of Hypnotherapy sessions and can honestly say I have learned so much about myself and how I can better cope with life stresses. Lina made me feel comfortable and able to share my experiences every session without judgement. I definitely recommend this service to anyone and everyone."

"Hypnosis was the best investment I have done for me and my mental health. Anyone who is afraid of anything related to the sessions and hypnotherapy itself, I would encourage you to not be because you will be in the most safe place with Lina, she is immaculately trained to do this and I think she is excelling in it. She will help you and guide you on your path to a happier and more fulfilled life. It’s worth every penny."

"It’s hard to explain, but I just became happier. It became easier to wake up in the morning and days became more productive and purposeful. Lina was very delicate, yet firmly guiding me through this self healing process. The results certainly overcame my expectations."

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